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Simple TCP/IP Port Scanner

Simple TCP/IP port scanner: is a high speed port scanner, implemented in pure Ruby (single file source). It may disclose all those ports too which nmap may not show you; an example of Ruby’s performance at system level develpment and that too even being scripting and, or interpreted progamming language!


    $ pscan <hostname|hostaddress> [highest_port_number]


    [bsd@cto pscan]$ pscan cto
    Starting 'pscan' version 0.0.2 []
    Trying host ( TCP ports (1 .. 8192)
    Port        State       service
    21/tcp      open        ftp
    22/tcp      open        ssh
    25/tcp      open        smtp
    53/tcp      open        domain
    80/tcp      open        http
    111/tcp     open        sunrpc
    113/tcp     open        auth
    119/tcp     open        nntp
    139/tcp     open        netbios-ssn
    445/tcp     open        microsoft-ds
    515/tcp     open        printer
    631/tcp     open        ipp
    873/tcp     open        rsync
    953/tcp     open        rndc
    995/tcp     open        pop3s
    2628/tcp    open        dict
    3128/tcp    open        squid
    3493/tcp    open        ups
    4113/tcp    open        tident
    6000/tcp    open        x11
    7741/tcp    open        lisa

    All 8192 ports scanned in 3.123 seconds




Any contribution of yours, although howsoever small it may be, shall highly be appreciated; for further development of this and, or many other F/LOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) Projects.


Copyright (C) 2001-2007 by Dr Balwinder Singh Dheeman. Distributed under the GNU GPL ( See the files "COPYING" and, or "Copyright" , supplied with all distributions for additional information.


Balwinder Singh Dheeman <>

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